Monday, June 29, 2015

Flatulent unicorns, crazy biatches and reality TV

The weight loss is not going well. My three year old takes much delight in jiggling her hand on my belly and singing, 'Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate, wibble wobble........". Thanks for nothing play school!

I need to just knuckle down and move my arse. Oh and eat less cake, and biscuits. Oh and ice cream and pork ribs!!! Did I tell you my nephew makes the best ribs? 

How was your weekend? My social calendar was off the chizain.

A nephews birthday, another 'L' plater and reason to stay off the footpaths in Millicent! I entertained on Saturday, and attended a working bee at the community gardens on Sunday.

How's Facebook?! Anyone would think the US passed a fabulous bill, or someone let a blessing of flatulent unicorns lose on the interwebs!

Saturday I submitted my first ever community grant application. It's for a pizza oven communal area for the community garden. It took me six days to draft, crazy. I wish I had have been given a bit more time. I am not getting my hopes up, after all it is my first. But I lie, I have a nervous excitement. Have you joined NABO yet? Please do, I could use your vote, in the case of a divine miracle, we make the final five in the state.

I'll be over the moon if we are considered, if we don't win at least I would have gained some valuable experience and confidence for next time. I am looking for grants to apply for like a craaazy lady.

Speaking on crazy ladies, did you catch Belle Gibson? Someone need to fix the gate, because it's UNHINGED. 

I'm crazy, but not THAT crazy.

It is refreshing to see more reality TV shows being advertised. Spellbound, Restaurant revolution and The hot plate to mention a few. Not that I will be watching with glee, but because it's more fodder for my favourite of favourite reality TV shows, Gogglebox. If that TV series doesn't return for a second season I will be in utterly and suitably outraged (reads, pouting like a spoilt child).

How was your weekend? 
Did you like Gogglebox?
Ever written a grant application?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Five things to start doing NOW to lose weight

A toffee apple driving a ride on lawnmower

It seems, when I am not chowing down on all the wrong foods, I am trying to lose weight. It's a never ending cycle for me, always has been.

After finding out another person in my family has been diagnosed with diabetes (I had gestational diabetes), I need to do something about my widening girth.

Most of the clothes in my cupboards are not fitting me, and quite frankly, I look like a giant toffee apple. A big round top with stick legs! I have to also accept that I am getting older, and the weight seems to creep on much easier and is harder to get rid of.

Here's five things I am now trying to implement to get myself back in my own pants, and some ideas that can help you lose weight too.

1. Drink more water. Get yourself a large bottle to use for water. I have a 1.25 litre bottle on the kitchen bench. I know that I have to drink that whole bottle during the day, at least. 

Having a large bottle makes it easier to measure how much water I have drunk over the course of the day, rather than relying on filling up a smaller bottle several times.

I have a smaller bottle I take with me if I am going to be out of the house for a while, to drink in the car, or to put in my bag.

2. Change habits. When I do put on weight it is because I have let go of any healthy eating and drinking. Yes this means lots of wine, biscuits, cake, chocolate and coffee. I have never been a big coffee drinker, but when I fall of the healthy lifestyle wagon I find I turn to it. My guess is because I am overweight and tired and coffee just seems like the logical answer.

I've stopped drinking coffee, and started drinking my black (no milk) tea. Mostly green and herbal tea.

If you can't get through the day without your coffee, start buying a lower fat milk. You'd be surprised how much of a difference this can make.

3. Plan your meals. It is so easy to make bad food choices when we are rushed, and hungry. Having a plan for meals and doing some forethought helps to keep on a healthy eating track.

Think about what you are consuming through the day. If it's cereal or toast for breakfast, sandwiches or pasta for lunch and meat and veggies (potatoes, a starch) for dinner, you might be having too many carbs.

Opt for a carb breakfast, and stick to protein and veggies or salad, for other meals. Eating a piece of fruit before meals adds to you daily dose of fruit and vegetables, and helps fill you up.

You could have fruit and yogurt for breakfast, or an egg with grilled veggies(mushroom, zucchini, spinach and tomato for example), and have a carb meal for lunch(wraps or pasta), and meat and veggies/salad for dinner.

Knowing what I am going to eat during the day, and when, helps keep me on track, and stops me from impulse eating.]

my downfall

4. Slow your eating. Keeps portion sizes reasonable and take your time when you eat. My husband eats like a bull at a gate, I am forever reminding him to chew his food because his stomach doesn't have teeth.

Chewing your food properly lets you enjoy the taste your food. It aids digestion and improves the absorption of nutrients from the healthy food you are eating.

5. Move. Be realistic about how much exercise you do. If you are sitting most of the day, it makes sense that you would need less food for energy. The highest energy foods are usually the white ones; sugar, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. If you don't move much, eat less of these foods.

Any exercise will help with your weight loss. If you can't get out for a walk or don't want to join a gym, find some exercise you can do at home. I do like walking for exercise. It doesn't have to be far or fast, just and amble around the block is good enough.

Things that have helped me is stepping. Get yourself a step or find something you already have that you can use as a step. Five or ten minutes in front of the telly and it's done.

I've also had an exercise bike in the lounge room before too. You don't have to go hard, as long as you are moving a little more than you were before.

What changes do you make when your pants start getting tight, or not fitting at all?!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Tony Pasin's stance on same sex marriage

I was so disappointed in our local member of parliament and his stance on same sex marriage. He has every right to his moral choice, being a religious man, I can understand his reluctance to support it.

I do however hope that his Christian faith does not hinder the job he was elected to do as our spokesperson in parliament. Supporting the wishes of his constituents. If it does I think he is the wrong job!

I went to the Australian Marriage Equality website to find out how my local MP stands on marriage equality. I sent my local member, Tony Pasin an email and this is the reply I got.

Dear Mrs O’Brien,

Thank you for contacting me regarding proposed same sex marriage legislative changes.

This is an issue on which decent people can differ and I appreciate that there is a diversity of opinions across the community on this important social issue. I am grateful that all of us are able to express our views in a debate in which to this point has been conducted in a respectful and considerate manner.

Questions such as this are deeply personal and, in my case, informed by my Christian faith.

As I said on radio, an overwhelming majority of people who have approached me on this issue have asked me to confirm the position as the traditional definition.

Before being elected, consistent with my beliefs, I took a clear position to the electorate that I supported the current definition of marriage and as such in any vote before the Parliament I will be voting to support the traditional definition of marriage.

If there are any other issues I can assist you with please feel free to contact me office.  

Yours sincerely

Tony Pasin MP

No worries Tony. I'll be sure to contact ya office.

P.S. Sack your proof reader.

I did share the link to the Australian Marriage Equality website on my personal Facebook page. It was a reminder to my friends, that no matter how much whining they did about the issue on Facebook, nothing would make an impact than actually voicing that opinion on our local member of Parliament.

They say you should never talk politics or religion. But I'm gonna anyway.

I wonder if people are aware Sanitarium products like Weet Bix, are owned by the Seventh Day Adventist church who are known for their anti-gay stance. Is this an organisation they would want their consumer dollars going to?

I have to wonder why someone in a same sex relationship, would send their kids to a Catholic school. When ultimately that school will teach their kids, that their lifestyle is wrong. 

Could you imagine the furore at the end of year formal, when Bill and Ben turn up as prom dates? Old Father Bob would choke on his holy water.

One day all this won't be an issue. Once upon a time it was illegal for a negro man to marry a white woman. Remember that? I don't. I'm not that old. Ancient history.

I hope my children when they are my age, can look back and say they remember when gay marriage was illegal. That they accept and are tolerant of same sex marriage, like it's just the norm to see a gay marriage performed in local gardens and parks. Maybe they'll be guests!

Let's hope they don't have to wait that long.

Did you email your local member to let them you know your views?

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