Monday, March 2, 2015

Getting out of the house. Making it my mission.

Brett took the girls for a drive yesterday, about lunch time. I sat and watched Landline on the ABC. I am never disappointed when I watch that tv show, always an interesting story. 

After Landline had finished, I took a walk around the yard. To be quite honest I got a bit bored. 

Shame on me, I am always whining about not having time for myself, to do the things I want to do. I am pretty lucky, I always find time for a cuppa tea and a flick through a foodie mag. I used to be so into gardening mags, but nowadays it seems to be food mags, It probably explains my widening girth too. Something about my eyes being bigger than my belly. 

It may have a big thing to do with my depression pills too. The doctor did warn me that my appetite would increase taking them. The urges to stuff my face with ALL the food, are getting harder to ignore, my will power is definitely struggling. 

I too, am kicking myself that I haven't taken more advantage of the longer evenings of daylight savings, and gone for walks after dinner. Last year I remember taking off immediately after dinner, leaving Brett to take care of the kids, so I could get out for a walk on my own. Major doh! 

Autumn has come all too quickly, and the shorter days are creeping up, along with the season of comfort food! My stretchy pants are becoming so more comfy and I fear half of my wardrobe is becoming obsolete.  I need to give myself a major kick up the fat arse! I think I need to make a point of taking young Summer for more bike rides during the day. Getting of the house more is going to be my mission, and not in the car! 

I did however, when I should have been enjoying some time alone, mow the lawn. As you do. Well I am guessing most of you don't!

When I finished mowing, they weren't home yet, so I took myself off to the local Plants Plus. A wonderful one it is too, I wish I had more money to spend there. 

I spent $20(my budget) in no time, quite happily, and left with a renewed skip in my step. 
I bought a packet of 30 ranunculus corms and a few plants from the bargain bins, that just need some love by getting them out of the pot and into the ground! I am so looking forward to those Ranunculus flowering in Spring. They are so awesome as a cut flower.

What are you regretting not doing over the Summer?
What are you getting excited about for the coming year?

Friday, February 27, 2015

The straws in a cup reward system

We are three weeks into a new reward system.

Basically it's straws in the cup for good behaviours and taking straws out for bad behaviour.

My neighbour does a similar things with pop sticks. It seems to be working for her kids, and I was willing to give it a go. This is opposed to chaos and tearing my hair out in frustration. I was taking some control back where their behaviour is concerned.

To earn a straw the girls do things like
  • brushing teeth
  • making their bed
  • cleaning up toys
  • eating all their dinner
  • doing amazingly good things
The cups live on top of our fridge, with a few other things, like a sixty odd year old photo of my dear Granny,
some paint brushes and other odds and ends.

They lose straws for bad behaviour, like clobbering each other, or not doing what they are told. Or for squeezing a whole bottle of shampoo into the bath! You should have heard them howl when I took a straw out of both their cups for not picking up toys. This is when I knew, this straw thingy was a good thing.

Once they have six straws in their cup, they get a treat. It could be of their choosing, like a trip to the playground, a playdate, or an ice cream for example.

So far, they have had six straws twice. So I have taken all the straws out and replaced them with an Easter egg. Then the straw earning starts again.

Also I printed out a simple reward chart. When they earn a reward for six straws, they get to colour in a star on the reward chart. When all the stars are coloured in, they can buy a toy from the toy shop, or Kmart or wherever.

My kids really don't have that many new toys(compared to some), so I guess this is a way that we can give them more in a measured way. They get that important lesson that good things are earned and new toys don't grow on trees.

This reward system seems to be working for us right now. The key I guess, is to be consistent.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February #52weeksofmemories

5. bedtime
My cheeky sods right before bed time, playing silly buggers.

6. feet
Us girls, feet up, watching the telly at the holiday house

The girls doing jig saw puzzles, before school. 

7. watching

Brett took the girls out to check the cray pots in Livingstons Bay, near Pelican Point. I stood and watched with the dog. I was the nervous mother on the beach watching my babies go out to sea! They had a great time!

8. on the floor

These two I took yesterday. One of Summer playing during the day, when she gets all the toys to herself.
The other, an after dinner puppet show, with puppets made from toilet rolls.

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