Friday, March 27, 2015

Ant's Redgum Gallery

My place in time #36 - One kilometre from my house

I am ashamed to say, this is one of those place that I really should have been to, way before now. It is usually the places that we see everyday, the local attractions, that we should support, but don't.

I am so glad I got myself off the couch and went to have a look.

Ant's Redgum Gallery is situated on Williams Road in Millicent. I was interested to find out the building originally started life as an engineering shed, owned by the McCourt family. It was then home to a roller skating rink and squash courts. I can't remember this, but I do remember when it was Bondy's second hand bazaar, that's what I would have called it. After Bondy died, the building was bought by a local business woman and used as a place of business and held markets on a Sunday.

Ant and Hat Martin now own it and have made it their home, studio and gallery.

His work is phenomenal and has taken him to Adelaide to do commissioned works on three occasions. He has carved wood sculptures made from old trees, in Brighton, Victoria Square and the Glover playground in North Adelaide. A real achievement. The all have plaques with his name, and he proudly says you don't get them unless "you're really good or dead!".

He's just really good at what he does. I was blown away by Ant's wood work and the detailed work that he does.

I learnt something about feng shui, and this frog is supposed to have three legs. His name is Jin Chan, and is supposed to bring fortune. Hat says it's not working for them yet, as they would love to have more visitors to the gallery.

Here Ant is putting the finishing touches on his latest piece, The Lion. It is just amazing to think that this was just a huge tree trunk to start with.

Help! I'm stuck!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March #52weeksofmemories

9. Fun

10. Outside

 11. Hug
A make up hug, after a fight, because apparently Summer wasn't helping to clean up. 

 12. Playing
Summer like to watch princess play doh tutorials on youtube, while she plays with hers. 

Izzy playing with her 'Ipad'

It's been dropped and the screen has cracked, still works fine. I put a film of clear contact over the screen and it has worked a charm.
I use an app called Kid Mode, I really like it. It's great for phones too. 

Finding Myself Young 52 Weeks of Memories
My Little Drummer Boys

Monday, March 23, 2015

Meals for travelling workers

My hubby is a truck driver. In a twelve hour day, he could be travelling at least 600 kms delivering wood chip to the Portland wharf.

He could take sandwiches every day, which would get boring. He could buy his lunch from one of many takeaway outlets along the way, which he does on occasion, but all the time can get expensive not to mention, unhealthy.

Some days, he takes a foil container of leftovers, to warm up in his 12 volt oven. That's right, he has an oven in his truck. 

It's no bigger than a small esky, and it plugs into the lighter socket(12 volt plug) in his truck. It fits a foil container in it quite nicely, and warms up in no time.

This way, and I guess it what a lot of travellers miss when they work on the road a lot, he gets the equivalent of a home cooked meal, when he is not at home.

Any leftovers we have, I put into a foil container, label it and chuck it in the freezer. All is has to do is choose his frozen meal for lunch, out of our own freezer, and chuck it in his work esky. It goes in the oven and come lunch time is ready to eat.

Meals that are easy to make more of and freeze, that I pack for the freezer include:
  • spaghetti bolognaise
  • bangers and mash, with gravy
  • casseroles, with mash
  • curries, with rice
  • leftover chicken with mash, gravy and veggies(meat and 3 veg) 
  • soup
  • pizza
  • lasagne
  • pies/sausage rolls
The 12 volt oven is very handy to if you're travelling, to go camping for example, and you want a warm meal when you get there.

We drove a couple hours to meet friends who were camping in the middle of nowhere, this trip in fact. I put sausage rolls in a foil container, and warmed it up on the way, so our lunch was ready when we got there. Handy when the kids start whining they are hungry.

Brett has also wrapped cheese sandwiches in alfoil and they've come out just like a toasted sanga.

We bought our 12 volt oven from Ebay. We also have a 12 volt kettle, it lives in the boot of my car. It boils two cups of water. In my case, all I need to do is take a tea bag, some water and a cup and this black tea drinking mumma is set.