Monday, February 8, 2016

Roses to plant to with Iceberg roses

I just love to pick my roses and bring them inside. One of my favourite roses to use as a filler is Iceberg roses. These delicate white roses create a softness, and look so romantic with Pinks, Mauves and Apricot colours.
These are suggestions to plant in the garden with White Iceberg roses for beautiful romantic, billowy flower arrangements for your home.
White Iceberg roses with Apricot Nectar rose

Pierre de Ronsard rose with White Icebergs, would have to be one of my favourite combinations

Cubana and White iceberg roses
For pink roses try Pierre de Ronsard, Queen Elizabeth and Seduction.

For apricot hues plant Just Joey, Cubana and Apricot Nectar.

For mauves plant Angel Face, Blue Moon, Blue river or Charles de Gaulle.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Outside #52weeksofmemories

Well it's my second day of total bliss. I can get on with what I need to do during the day without the distractions, fighting or constant requests from my two lovely girls. Izzy's back at school, and Summers has kindergarten a few days a week. Have I told you it's bliss?!

Although I got side-tracked from what I was originally going to do, I still got stuff done. Like clean the dunny and bathroom, and make jam. I faffed on Facebook, and went outside and took photos, picked peaches and brought in the wheelie bins.

There may come a time when I become bored as hell, but at the moment I am savouring the time to myself.

My Little Drummer Boys

Monday, February 1, 2016

How to share effectively on Twitter

Whether it be sharing your work, or what I like to do, share others work, here are some tips to help you do it more effectively and win at this Twitter bizzo.

1. Use share buttons

Most sites these days have a plethora if ways you can share straight from the page you are reading.

On blog sites, this is usually at the end of a post, or a pop up that comes out from the side of the page. I prefer the ones that are located at the end of the post. Those pop up ones are sometimes really annoying and only serve to cover up most of what I am trying to read.

If you have your own website, I cannot stress enough to make sure you have sharing options available, and to make sure they work. I want to share your work, and other people will want to as well.

Important as well, if you have a 'follow' Twitter button, make sure, when clicked it takes the reader to YOUR Twitter feed, so they can easily follow you.

2. Use your tweet to your optimum advantage

What I mean by this, it to make sure you use every available character (you have 140 of them to use) to your advantage.

Some tweets from a web page will have room to add something else. So hashtag the hell out of that tweet. Add a hashtag in front of any relevant word in the tweet.

Most twitter users search for hashtags, and a lot of tweets are liked, retweeted or shared again in online publications, because of their subject matter.

As of late last year, the 'favourite' option, with a star icon, was changed to 'like', with a heart icon. I have only just cottoned on to this.

From 87 characters remaining, to the one below, tagged to the shitter with 4 remaining characters left.

3. Tag the author of the post you are sharing

This lets the author know you admired their work. It lets them know who is sharing and what. If you are lucky (or the person you tagged has good twitter etiquette), they will retweet you, or like your tweet.

4.  Be a gracious tweety bird

If you are retweeted or you tweet is shared on an online publication, be gracious and thank them for retweeting/including you.

I feel so glad when something I have shared, is shared on a wider scale, beyond Twitter. I love seeing someone else being recognised for their work all because I shared it in the first place. Plus I get my gorgeous mug(totally tongue in cheek) and twitter handle shared about as well. Which really is good advertising for my blog, and good karma coming back at me.

The middle tweet from My blogworld, telling me one of my tweets has been shared in their online publication.
The shared tweet below in that publication.

5. Choose your handle wisely

Your twitter handle is the words after the @ sign of your twitter user name. Mine is @alleychook. I wish I had chosen wiser.

Early in the process of blogging, I had no idea of social media and unifying all my accounts with my blog name. In hindsight I should have made the name of my blog my twitter handle.

It makes it easier for people to remember when tagging, and makes it easier for people to associate your blog, with your tweets. 

Being a part of Twitter definitely has it's advantages. I am not an active user as in browsing the millions of tweets that happen everyday. Who has time for that shiz?! I have found it invaluable for sharing my own and others work on the interwebs though.

Bonus tip:

Create yourself a unique hashtag over all of your social media accounts and spread that shit like glitter.

I have created #openslather, #onemotherkitchen, #onemotherkids, and #onemothergarden. If someone searches or clicks on one of those hashtags, all of your relevant work will come up. Easy share, and easy exposure. In theory. You have to do all of the hash tagging work.

Do this in the tags on your blog posts, photos your share on social media and posts you share on social media.

Happy Tweeting!

Are you on Twitter?

How have you found your Twitter experience?

Are you using your social media to the best of it's ability?