Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Sunday

Yesterday was pretty relaxed. It was a little different from the past couple of years when we've usually spent the end of the day down the beach in the Canunda National Park with family.

My nephew was in town though, and he joined us for dinner at home, which was great as he is off to live in Japan. My neice, his cousin is also in Japan for the next few years. Who would have thought that was going to happen ever. We miss them already.

I spent some time pottering about the garden, and the kitchen, lingering far too long where the chocolate was being stored and unsuccessfully resisting the temptation. God damn you caramel popcorn chocolate eggs!

I took the camera outside where Ellie our kitten explored the outdoors, Summer pretended to be a super hero and I basked in some Autumn sunshine.

I finally pulled out my basil plants, all measly four of them, and made my own pesto. My first batch ever! I had them growing in pots with tomatoes, which I pulled out a couple of days ago. 

I've used pumpkin seeds(pepitas) in my pesto. Traditionally pesto has pine nuts in it, I didn't have any of those, I always have pepitas as I use them in porridge or with yogurt.

Basil and Pumpkin Seed pesto

2 handfuls of fresh basil(about a cup)
1 small garlic clove
20 grams pumpkin seeds
15 grams parmesan cheese(just the cheap packet stuff, I not fancy!)
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Blitz in a mini processor, place in a jar and store in the fridge.

I usually pour a little olive oil layer on top of the pesto.

The basil pots. I pulled out the tomatoes that were growing with the basil. I have replanted Silverbeet in one and Coriander seeds in the other.

One of our beauty parrots

Supergirl rescuing the cat from certain peril

Super girl rescuing a teddy in distress

Supergirl painting herself with her 'sidekick' Peppi the dog, rescuing the cat from a tree, while I made pesto. All the cute!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Homegrown hen scratchings

It's five o'clock in the morning. 

I went to bed at ten thirty last night and slept like a dream until Brett's alarm went off at two thirty. After that it was game over sleepwise, my brain would not turn off and I was waking every half an hour. 

The last month of Mondays I've been turning up to the gymnastics hall and taking part in Kindergym and the following Tiny Tot classes, to complete my twenty hours of training for my Intermediate coaching course. Thank goodness I don't have that today. I think I will go back to bed after school drop off.

I have been scouring the internet for transport action songs (the theme for Kindergym next term). I find myself printing out and laminating stuff to use in classes too. Who am I becoming?! It's all very exciting. 

Some of the craziness of the last few months, has settled down and I was so keen to get out into the garden last week.

Jack be little pumpkins, which a little more like a squash to eat.

I've pulled up some of the summer veggies, like the cucumbers, eggplants, pumpkins and purple potatoes. The tomatoes will be next to go, just waiting for a few of the stragglers to ripen up.

The purple spuds I have growing in pots. When they are ready, after the plants have flowered and died down, I just tip the pot out in the wheelbarrow and pick all the spuds out. I put all the dirt back in the pot with some of the smaller spuds, and the process starts again.

Roasted summer veg, with lentils and yogurt. My lunch yesterday. Yum yum!

They're not the prettiest spuds, but I like to grow them! I just plain LOVE growing and eating my own food full stop.

I've been planting new stuff like broccoli, silverbeet, lettuce and parsley.

The sweet peas, snow peas, beetroot, carrot and broad bean seeds have been dropped in the ground. With the crazy amount of rain we got yesterday, they should be plumping up big and fat, ready to shoot to life. Better get the snail bait ready. Which reminds me, I have to go shopping at some stage today. Sigh.

The kid who won't eat tomato if I put it on her plate, but will attack a tomato as big as her head that someone else grew in thier garden.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Taking the scenic route

We set of yesterday to try and find cockles down at the Canunda National Park. Before we even left home it may have been obvious that we should have just stayed home.

While not much seemed like it was going right, it all ended well in the end. We didn't find cockles, there was a lot of weed on the beach and the sea was an awful brown colour because of it.

Summer was beside herself and crying while we drove along. Something has spooked her about driving on the beach. Brett didn't help matters when he mentioned he didn't want to get stuck because the car would end up in the ocean. Good move Brett....not! She wailed a little louder.

On the way out of the national park, we stopped at the big sandhill. It's no so big as it used to be when I was a kid. I wish the council had never excavated most of the sand away for use somewhere else. What were they thinking?! It's always been a legendary local landmark. Bloody crazy.

We took the scenic route home and come across a patch of belladonna lillies. Summer had stopped crying, but still wouldn't get out of the car. 

Belladonna lillies are also known as Easter lillies, as they flower at this time of year. There were also what looked like freesias and jonquils coming up too, so I will be back again to have a look.

It is common where an old homestead once was, to find remnants of the home garden still coming up every year. Not far from here, there is another site where we've dug up wild garlic. There's a fig tree there too, but I would never walk through the long grass to get to them in a fit. I don't fancy coming across a big arse brown snake!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Views from the side of the road

I arrived home late last night after a few days in Adelaide. I've been doing the practical (face to face) part of my coach training for Kindergym. I know! Like I don't have enough going on!

Next term I'll be taking two Kindergym sessions on a Thursday. Something completely different, but exciting. A little nerve racking, but after a few sessions, I will settle in. I am supposed to be having a go at leading a group today. Aaargh!!

It was also something different for me to be going away and staying a couple of days, 400 kms from home, ON MY OWN. Just quietly, it was bloody awesome. I think I did OK with the city driving too. I don't get why they are in such a hurry!! I may have upset a couple of them to with my cautious driving, I think they'll get over it....

I did pack my good camera, but didn't use it very much. I took a few photos on the way up and some on the way back.

I was too busy getting there and back again, to stop too much. The trip is pleasantly easier and quicker with no kids! No toilet stops by the side of the road, and definitely no little voices from the back seat asking, "How long until we are there?".

Monday, March 20, 2017

I love me too

My youngest had her first sports day ever on Friday. So much excitement for her, she did really well, because she did her best and had great fun doing it!

I usually lay down with her at night, she is the best cuddler and I tell her I love her. Her reply always is, "Me too". That night was the first time she had a laugh and realised the play on words....that she loved herself too. 

I don't know why that was so funny. She is an absolutely gorgeous girl with an infectious personality, and should be in love with herself.  I suppose it does seem funny to a little girl, and she probably (like me) won't realise the importance of loving herself until she is well into her forties.

I hope not. 

I remember when I was a teenager it was not uncommon to use it as a slur towards another person, usually another girl. "She is totally in love with herself!". Like it was a bad thing. The worst thing is she probably wasn't and had all the insecurities and self doubt that everyone of us had.

I've was even accused of being 'in love with myself'. Exactly the opposite was true. I was a cess pool of insecurity, I was in no way popular and couldn't string two cool words together to save my life. I guess because I was so quiet, I came across as a bit of a snob. I think I still do, because I have trouble sometimes having the confidence to say hello to people. I am a great smiler though! Smiles hide loads of insecurities!

In this day and age, with the pressures of social media, it does worry me what insecurities and challenges my girls will face as they age. I realise now, that I must instill in them the importance of loving the way they are, that thier differences are what make them unique. I can only do what I can, and realise that I won't be with them all the time, and hope that the world is kind to them.

By the way, the red team, Banksia, won the whole day. She was so excited! Her older sister had a good day too, and I was so glad I was there to cheer them on and share in thier happiness.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sunsets for the soul

These photos are a few weeks old. I've only just had time to edit and post them.

We stayed at our holiday house in Pelican Point in the Limestone Coast of South Australia.

I got the chance for a walk down the beach on my own, with my camera.

These houses are situated on the beach front. Ours is on the back streets, away from the sea, which is kinda better, considering in the rough and high seas of winter, when the waves crash in their front yards!

This bay is called Bungalow Bay, so fitting....imagine being a local and seeing the changing scenes of this bay every week, we only get to see it every few weeks.  

It is a real treat when the sun puts on a show when we are there. 

In the morning we went exploring at Red Rock Bay, where there are more awesome sights.