Friday, July 25, 2014

A date with Summer

I don't know why I don't, or haven't done this more often before now. I have brought both the girls here, they have an ice cream or chips and I have a cuppa tea or a coke. We usually occupy the two couches, with the coffee table in between. 

Izzy has been at Kindy all year and I think this is the first time, just me and Summer have come. The couches were taken this day, so we sat right up in the window table, watching the world go by. 

My place in time #21 - What I can see from my window

My first job after I left high school was over the summer, at Campbells deli(not in existence anymore) in Southend. By the sea. Perfect.

At the end of summer when that job finished, I worked here. Ackys Deli. It wasn't called that then, Anns Deli I think it was called, owned by the Atkinson family, hence it being called Ackys then, and now.

I worked here up until just before my 20th birthday. I was almost 7 months pregnant with my first child, Jake.

Before this room was added to the deli, I remember it being a record shop. It was the time before CD's existed. 

I remember flipping through the vinyl records and pawing cassette tapes, feeling a little bit closer to the idols that plastered my walls as a teenager. The first cassette tape I could proudly call my own(that wasn't 'taped' by someone else), was Autumnal Park by Pseudo Echo. In know most of you will be saying Who!? What? No CDs! Pseudo Echo! Don't worry, I am shaking my own head in embarrassment!

What was the first album you ever owned? Could you play it on a walkman? Do you know what a walkman is?!
What was your first job out of school?

Things I know at the end of this week -

  1. I need to get out more like this, even if it is with my two year old.
  2. I hate paying $3 or more for a cup of black tea, no sugar.
  3. Memories from my teenage years make me feel old. 
  4. The walkman has been replaced by mp3. Hardware for software. You can't sticky tape mp3!

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  1. Wow this place holds so much memories for you! :) Glad you still get to enjoy it with your little ones. The maccas I used to hang out at after school with my friends has been torn down :(

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. My first cassette tape was The Best Of Abba. I also had a Pseudo Echo album as a teen and a poster of them on my bedroom wall. Your daughter is a cutie. Great memories. x

    1. I had a Pseudo Echo tee shirt too. Wouldn't be seen dead in it now lol :)

  3. Love the photos. I can't remember what my first album was but I think my first seven single was a David Cassidy song (just can't think of the name off the top of my head at the moment).
    My first job out of school was with Standard Bank - gosh lots of memories brought back with this post - thank you !!!
    Have the best day !
    Me xox

    1. Thanks you! Wow a bank job straight out of school. Hope you have a great day too :)

  4. Aw, what a special little outing.
    I remember my first CD was Guns n Roses... eek!

    1. Oh I've had lots of Guns n Roses, you're not the only one! I even went and saw them in concert, ahem, almost 22 years ago!!

  5. I had Psuedo Echo on vinyl! Just a 45 of Funky Town. My first tape was Move It. The very first Move It. I got it for Christmas with my new Walkman that weighed about a tonne. I dropped it in the swimming pool that same day. It survived.
    I love taking my kids out for simple little coffee dates. So special.

    1. Oh I used to love those compilation cassettes in the 80's! You know what, I reckon I had funkytown on 45 too!

  6. Madonna was my first tape. I'm so glad you had a special day... I wish I had time to that with my middle boy, I fear there will be (and are) issues that comes from this.. x

    1. Madonna was my first too. And I remember fondly the days of the walkman. I enjoy outings with one child. So much more peaceful. Agree $3 is a bit much for a bag of tea. Talk about inflation.

    2. I loved Madonna, I was only dancing in the lounge room the other day to 'Get into the Groove', I was so disappointed that the girls didn't love it haha. I liked her earlier stuff.

  7. Sshh! I still like Pseudo Echo! If they come on the radio - yippee! My first cassette was Culture Club!!!!


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