Monday, March 26, 2018

Just not cricket and other tv news

What a weekend for news!

Cricket. Gun laws and of course in other tv news, Bachelor in Paradise. Yes, I hear your collective groan. 

I have been lost for good reality tv viewing since I'm a Celeb finished and lets face it, MAFS did not float my boat at all. If the previews for Bachelor have anything do go by, rivers will be cried and hearts broken. I am wondering if Kleenex have missed a good advertising opportunity here. 

The bar was open and shirts were off, revealing buffed, bare chests in the first ten minutes. There's plenty to see for the male viewers as well with bum cheeks and boobs spilling out everywhere.

Fair to say, and I am not prepared for the backlash, I will be tuning in for the next instalment. Totally sucked in for the drama to follow.


I am loving what has happened in Washington DC over the weekend.It was amazing to see such a unified push to challenge the American gun control laws.

Barrack Obama took to Twitter to relay the same feelings. I replied immediately, with it being a shame he couldn't change laws when he had the chance and these people wouldn't need to march to demand change.

Brett and I were joking about going into BigW and buying a gun licence, like buying phone credit at the checkout. Gun licence, a bottle of Jack's and a hand gun for a 21st birthday. We can joke about it in Australia, but sadly in America, it's not a joke. It happens.

When I first heard the news about the admission of ball tampering by the Australian cricket team, I was disgusted. I was disappointed and mortified that they had knowingly cheated, and that the captain had allowed it to happen.

This reminded me of what happened at the Essendon Football Club in the AFL, with Lance Armstrong in cycling. 

For me it is far more serious, because they are reperesenting us as a country. To play fairly. There are so many young players who look up to the test team, and I don't want them thinking this is the way to play the game.

I fell in love with cricket when I was a young teen, maybe it was at an impressionable age, and you know, good looking cricket players. But I have great memories staying up late on summer nights watching day/nighters with my brothers and sisters. The players were heroes, good men, or so I imagined. Not too disimilar to how young cricket fans adored Don Bradman and fell in love with cricket years ago.

This issue has been a hot topic in our household, we both agree that the captain had to be stood down, as he has. It is dispicable that he could have let this happen. It makes me wonder how many other players on the team that day had intended to cheat, and how many of them knew about it. Sad day for Australian cricket. It's a story I'll be keeping an eye on in the coming week. 

Monday, March 19, 2018


 I know, I know! I was AWOL last week for Open Slather. 

We spent the long weekend at Pelican Point, at the holiday house. Friends came to stay for a couple of nights with their kids. It was fantastic. 

I had no credit on my phone and didn't take my computer, and had nothing prepared or scheduled in advance. Sorry if you turned up here wanting to link up.

A totally different weekend to the one just gone, with the voting and spending four hours yesterday perched at IGA behind a card table flogging raffle tickets for the gymnastic club easter raffle! It's the first time Ive ever done that, and the interraction with the public, even the people watching was so good. I enjoyed every minute. Not to mention the extra funds I raised for the club. 

Life is full right now, and when it not full, it is preparing for the fullness,  or dealing with its aftermath.

It's all good.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Fish O Marsh

My nephew turns 21 today. I always remember the date because of a speech impedement he had as a small child. He told everyone who asked, even those who didn't, his birthday was on the "fish o marsh". In grown up language, that's the fifth of March.

Over the weekend some of his friends and family jumped on a bus at 10 am and cruised the country side, dropping into pubs around the region. I was an awesome day.

When I turned twenty one, I was mother to an almost one year old. I sat in the pub with a couple of my friends with a condom necklace round my neck! Mostly quiet affair. God, I'd love to talk to that girl. I'd love to grab her round the neck and give her a good shake!

We spent 8 hrs either sitting on a bus(and drinking) or drinking in pubs. I faired pretty well I think. Gotta love low alcahol beer. I am not a beer drinker, but on these occasions it's my best friend. Like when I spent 9 hours at the Red Hot Summmer Tour concert. Squeezing in some water is also key!

We had lunch at the Nelson pub. It was awesome and probably the best stop off. We had to leave before most of our songs came on the dukebox though. Devo, laugh out loud. We stopped off at four pubs all together.

We arrived back at my sisters house at 6pm, and the party continued, with speeches and cake. 

Looking fairly put together after a big day!

The girls spent the day with Nanna, and joined us when we got back. 

This is the crazy bugger who was almost one, when I was 21. There was many a shoey during the day, even a thongy. Who knew it was a thing.

The birthday boy on the left

Only this would happen in a small country town, out the front of the pub. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Bedside interviews

I saw this mini quiz on Facebook. One of my friends had posted it. So when the kids settled into bed last night, I went and sat on their respective beds and quizzed away. We had good little chats.

Yesterday Facebook reminded me of earlier days with this flashback to 2012. Summer was almost four months old and Izzy 2 years.

I remember this day. We were in the middle of a heatwave and the air conditioner had shit itself. We'd had the house closed up all day and went to Mum's in the afternoon as the house was like a sauna. 

What is your name? Isabel
How old are you? Eight.
When is your birthday? November the 11th
What's your favourite colour? Greeny blue 
What's your favourite food? Strawberries
Who is your best friend? Aya
What's your favourite song? Down with the pew(you tube song about nerf guns)
What's your favourite animal? Dolphin
What are you scared of? Snake
What makes you happy? Cats
Where is your favourite place? Queensland
What do you want to be when you grow up? Behind the counter, at Toys R Us.
What does love mean? I don't know...Friends

What is your name? Summer
How old are you? Six!
When is your birthday? November ninth.
What's your favourite colour? Pink and purple
What's your favourite food? Um...Grapes.
Who is your best friend? Kaylee
What's your favourite song? Jingle Bells
What's your favourite animal? Dolphin and Giraffe
What are you scared of? Dark...but only outside
What makes you happy? Funny things
Where is your favourite place? Queensland. They have good water parks and stuff, and I went on a roller coaster.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A shop Target
What does love mean? When there something that you love. Like there is something colourful and you love it.

It seems our holiday to Queensland last year left an impression. I want to be there too sometimes.
Who knew Dolphins were so popular in our household?! 

Monday, February 19, 2018

February is...

Our hottest month is February. I love hot weather. We are having lots of it too, but not the usual heatwaves. It was low twenties during last week and I was cold! I don't like being cold.

I've been doing lots of watering in the garden. We are getting lots of flavourful tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers from the garden. I made pesto with some of our summer basil last week. I love cooking with homemade produce from the garden, so satisfying. When I get some time this week, I'll pull up some beetroot.

These are some things that I relate to February, in the form of an acrostic poem...

F...Falling bark from the gum trees, all over the lawn, the

E...evening chorus of crickets and

B...Blood-stained cockatoos(little corellas) squawk and swoop through the sky, from tree to tree. 

R...Riding bikes in the street before bed time, sitting

U...under shade from the hot sun or inside with

A...air-conditioning. Eating

R...ripe tomatoes and peaches from the garden, where blooms of

Y...yellow flowers on zucchini and cucumber plants grow.

Are some of these similar to your February? Depends where on earth you are, I suppose.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Why worry?

Worry is not my friend. I worry about all the things. Especially after that moment my head hits the pillow. 

My issue with worry, has more to do with anxiety than anything. I spend too much overthinking things that I don't need to spend my mental energy on.

I do my best worrying when I am stressed. When my mind is under attack, all the things that I can't control take over. It extends itself to my shoulders, arms, back, stomach and legs. It can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

I worry about my adult son. He has aspergers and schizophrenia. I worry about his health, mainly his mental health. I worry that he will relapse. I worry about his future. 

I worry too much about what other people are thinking. Like the job I do at work. I worry I am not cut out to coach kids, and that I don't do a good enough job. I know this is not true, I did a fab job last year at teaching four year olds. I need to believe in myself more.

Things that help me-

  • Not crossing bridges before I have come to them. Trying not worry about things that might happen, not worth it.
  • Realising that everything is not as bad as I think. Things are going to happen no matter how much I worry about them. In reality everything will probably work out fine.
  • Address any fears, rather than dwelling on them. It's better to get the hard things over and done with, the smaller things will seem that much easier.
  • Talk to someone for a different perspective, or for encouragement.
  • Taking some quiet time. Light some candles or incence. Read. Breathe. Garden.
  • Write lists, and feel good about crossing off achievements. The smallest things can add up to realising my day was actually really productive. 
  • A good cry is a great outlet to get rid of some anxiety and pent up stress. I find life realigns not long after the release of a good sook.
  • Accept that not everything is controlable. There are some things that are uncertain and that is ok.
  • Spend some time for worry and then let it pass. Life is still there to be lived. I don't want to miss out on the good things, experiences because I let worry consume me.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Let's go to the zoo!

I returned to work last week, with Term 1 of Kindergym at the gymnastics club.

One good thing about this job, I don't have work in the school holidays. I do know what teachers go through now though, with all the extra work and preparation that goes unnoticed.

This terms' theme I decided on was "Let's go to the zoo". Lots of amimal themed activities and locomotive movements-
  • swinging on bars, like monkeys
  • tip toes, reaching up tall like a giraffe on the beam
  • Balancing like elephants on a piece of 'string', which will probably be a rope on the floor
  • sliding like snakes
  • kangaroo jumping in hoops
  • leaping like frogs on felt lillipads
  • galloping over jumps like horses
  • feeding hungry alligators
  • crawling through tunnels like a wombat
  • bear, crab and spider walks
  • rabbit bunny hops in hoops
  • rolling down slopes like crocodiles rolling(log rolls)
  • rolling down slopes like echidnas (egg rolls)
  • penguin walks on double beams
We have a great gym here in Millicent, loads of fantastic equipment and space.

I do have to make a few things to go with the terms theme though, and thank goodness for google and the amazing crafters that share how to make stuff. I have found a wealth of ideas to help me.

Seahorse made out of pool noodle. I use this for an ocean theme too.

Elephants out of paper plates

Felt lilly pads for frog leaping, this was made by my predecessor who left at the end of last year.

Alligator made from a box. Beanbags for feeding. I also use this one for my Pete the Cat themed class. In the books, Pete the cat has an alligator friend who is always hungry. 

Jump over the snake
Rope ladder climbing between the parallel bars. Watch out for lions!

Weaving through cones and over jumps

I sat up last night and made some zebras to hang up. Some binoculars(not shown) from toilet rolls too, to find animals. This helps kids explore all of the gym, and maybe they might have a go on something they normally wouldn't.

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