Monday, March 19, 2018


 I know, I know! I was AWOL last week for Open Slather. 

We spent the long weekend at Pelican Point, at the holiday house. Friends came to stay for a couple of nights with their kids. It was fantastic. 

I had no credit on my phone and didn't take my computer, and had nothing prepared or scheduled in advance. Sorry if you turned up here wanting to link up.

A totally different weekend to the one just gone, with the voting and spending four hours yesterday perched at IGA behind a card table flogging raffle tickets for the gymnastic club easter raffle! It's the first time Ive ever done that, and the interraction with the public, even the people watching was so good. I enjoyed every minute. Not to mention the extra funds I raised for the club. 

Life is full right now, and when it not full, it is preparing for the fullness,  or dealing with its aftermath.

It's all good.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Fish O Marsh

My nephew turns 21 today. I always remember the date because of a speech impedement he had as a small child. He told everyone who asked, even those who didn't, his birthday was on the "fish o marsh". In grown up language, that's the fifth of March.

Over the weekend some of his friends and family jumped on a bus at 10 am and cruised the country side, dropping into pubs around the region. I was an awesome day.

When I turned twenty one, I was mother to an almost one year old. I sat in the pub with a couple of my friends with a condom necklace round my neck! Mostly quiet affair. God, I'd love to talk to that girl. I'd love to grab her round the neck and give her a good shake!

We spent 8 hrs either sitting on a bus(and drinking) or drinking in pubs. I faired pretty well I think. Gotta love low alcahol beer. I am not a beer drinker, but on these occasions it's my best friend. Like when I spent 9 hours at the Red Hot Summmer Tour concert. Squeezing in some water is also key!

We had lunch at the Nelson pub. It was awesome and probably the best stop off. We had to leave before most of our songs came on the dukebox though. Devo, laugh out loud. We stopped off at four pubs all together.

We arrived back at my sisters house at 6pm, and the party continued, with speeches and cake. 

Looking fairly put together after a big day!

The girls spent the day with Nanna, and joined us when we got back. 

This is the crazy bugger who was almost one, when I was 21. There was many a shoey during the day, even a thongy. Who knew it was a thing.

The birthday boy on the left

Only this would happen in a small country town, out the front of the pub.